We have been excited about Ramble Creek since the earliest stages of simple drawings, concept ideas, and scribbles on napkins!  Since before we knew we would call this place "Ramble Creek," and long before the final details were solidified or first employee was hired, we fell in love with the spirit of what we were hoping to create here. 

This property was already very special to us.  We had lived here many years and spent countless evenings building memories with our children and extended family and friends along the creek and in the fields and woods.  Now, we were wanting to share this place with others and establish something that would offer us the opportunity to host other families as they gathered to celebrate such an important milestone in the lives of those they hold dear. 

Bringing together more than 20 years of building and development experience with a desire to design a space that was both artistic and beautiful, yet functional and efficient, we began the process of planning every detail of the venue and property.  We knew that we wanted every aspect of Ramble Creek to promote the workflow and aesthetic required for hosting signature weddings.  For a year and a half we watched as our dream slowly grew out of the ground, took shape, and became a reality. 

During this time, we also set out to find, hire, and train quality professionals with spirits of service to work here at Ramble Creek.  We knew that a building, no matter how well planned or beautiful, was just a shell and that the heart of what Ramble Creek was to become would truly lie in the hospitality of our people.

And now, walking into the Grand Hall and being able to watch as couples share their first dance together, looking around and seeing family members from all over the country that have gathered to celebrate, smelling the delicious foods our culinary team has prepared for the evening, knowing that we played a role in the forever memory of another special couple and their family fills our hearts with satisfaction and serves as a fulfillment of all that we hoped this place would be.  It is with pride and honor that we present to you Ramble Creek.

Buck and Jenny